18 avril 2016

I AM... Shirley Manson

I AM ...
Shirley Manson

Inside the world of Shirley Manson,
singer, songwriter, musician, actress,
and lead singer of Garbage

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publié le 12 avril 2016


I AM LOVING... being an auntie. I don’t have children. I’ve never had that particular calling or aching in my womb but my sister has two little twerps who I have fallen unabashedly in love with. Sometimes when they are completely unaware, I quietly observe them only to be struck not only by how much love I feel for them but by how much I recognize in them my family genetics. I am perfectly convinced if push came to shove I would willingly, gladly die for either one of them.

I AM GOING... to die and there is nothing I can do about that. Rather than allowing this disquieting fact to bum me out entirely,  I have learnt to make such a looming fate work for, instead of against me. As I result I find I get depressed less, waste considerably less time and energy worrying about the future and enjoy my present with a joyful urgency more often than not.

I AM WATCHING... as a large percentage of western media tries to convince me that taking nude selfies of myself is a glorious act of empowerment and self love.

I AM READING... less and less than I used to which frustrates and disappoints me. I find the internet and social media has played havoc with my reading habits. That said I am currently reading “The Beauty Myth” by Naomi Wolf and growing more and more entrenched in my feminist principles by the minute.

I AM EATING... enough but I always want to eat more. I am exceptionally greedy.

I AM WEARING... no socks or shoes. One pair of black leggings, a black sports bra and a black tank. Over the top of which I have flung a deliciously soft  “blackwatch" tartan shirt, worn Chola style.

I AM USING... my dog as a foot warmer.

I AM EXCITED... to see what might be around the corner. Wait here for me. I’m just going to go take a sneaky peek and I’ll be right back.

I AM TRYING... VERY trying. But my husband claims he loves me and all my challenges entirely so I guess it doesn’t really matter. I think easy going is over rated. Nothing significant was ever accomplished by a person being easy going.

Garbage’s new album ‘Strange Little Birds’ is released on June 10th.

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